How to operate the angle grinder to cut safely?Posted by On 2019-11-27

In the age of power tools, many power tools have become a must-have in many homes and hands-on people. Among them, the angle grinder is indispensable. The angle grinder is commonly known as a hand grinding wheel and is a type of electric grinding tool. It is more suitable for cutting, grinding and brushing metal and stone.

Using an angle grinder for cutting can improve work efficiency and reduce people’s labor intensity. It is a very economical and practical power tool. However, the angle grinder is also a tool of absolute violence. Therefore, it is important to operate the angle grinder in a safe direction. Then, how to use the angle grinder to cut the safe direction is worth the attention and attention of the users.

Steps and methods of correctly operating the angle grinder to cut in a safe direction:

1. Before use, be sure to check whether the angle grinder has a protective cover, whether the protective cover is stable, and whether the grinding plate of the angle grinder is installed firmly.

2. During operation, prevent Mars from splashing, avoid splashing to others, and keep away from flammable and explosive materials.

3, in use, do a good job of personal protection, you can wear eye masks, wear appropriate work clothes, do not recommend wearing jewelry or long hair, avoid wearing gloves and cuffs without buckle

4. When the angle grinder is turned on, it will have a large swing. Hold it firmly.

5. After turning on the switch, wait for the grinding wheel to rotate stably before working.

6. The cutting direction should not be facing people.

7. Always pay attention to the heat of the motor. It is recommended to stop for 15 minutes after continuous working for half an hour, and then use it after cooling. If the motor is hot after a long period of use, stop working and wait until the motor has cooled before operating.

8. During operation, hold the angle grinder handle firmly, and then apply even force.

9. Do not catch small parts by hand to process the angle grinder.

10. During use, if there is abnormal sound, or excessive vibration or leakage, stop checking immediately. If repairs or replacement parts are required, turn off the power first and wait for the saw blade to stop completely.

11. If you use an angle grinder in a humid place, you need to stand on an insulating pad or a dry wooden board.

12. As a consumable, the carbon brush of the angle grinder should be replaced after using it for a period of time, and make sure that its contact is good.

13. Remember to cut off the power in time, especially when there is a power outage, a break or leaving the work site.

14. After the operation, remember to clean the working environment.

Correct operation of the angle grinder to cut in a safe direction can ensure work efficiency and user safety. Therefore, when using an angle grinder for cutting operations, we must standardize operations to avoid safety accidents.


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