Detailed safety precautions for electric drillsPosted by On 2019-11-27

When using electric tools such as electric drills, electric picks, hammers, etc., in addition to grasping the correct usage methods, safety precautions for using electric drills are also very important and require attention. What are the safety precautions for the use of electric drills? Let’s take a look together.

First, personal protection during use

1. If you are working at height or need to complete with a ladder, you should take measures to fall from a height.

2. If you need to face up to work, you need to wear a protective mask and protective glasses.

3. Do not allow the drill bit to overheat during operation. If the drill is in a hot state, care should be taken not to touch it to avoid burning the skin.

Second, preparations before operation

1. First, ensure circuit safety.

2. Confirm that the electric drill switch is in the locked state to avoid injury caused by the electric drill turning immediately after the power is turned on.

3 , the bit holder and adapted to be, and properly installed .

4. If the operation point is far from the power source, you need to extend the cable to ensure sufficient capacity and install a qualified extension cable.

Third, operate correctly in the homework

1 , before use, after the power switch is opened , the first idler 0.5 to 1 second, to check whether flexible transmission parts, without abnormal noise, loose screws or the like, the commutator is normal spark and the like.

2 , when the hand drill punch , to both hands, with one hand so as not to operate .

3 , drill a hole in a metal material , it is best to place the marked borehole foreign eye .

4. When working on metal for a long time, take certain cooling measures to avoid burns and keep the drill sharp.

5. Drilling debris will be generated during drilling to avoid accidental cleaning by hand. Use special tools to handle it.

Fourth, maintenance and inspection after use

1. Inspection of drill bit. If you find that the drill bit has become dull or bent after use, you can replace it with a new one immediately. Because the use of damaged drills will cause abnormal working conditions on the overload surface of the motor and reduce operating efficiency.

2. Check the fastening screws of the drill body . If it is found that the fastening screw of the electric drill body is loose, it should be re- tightened immediately to avoid possible electric drill failure.

3. Inspection of carbon brushes . As a consumable, if the carbon brush wear degree on the motor exceeds the limit, the motor will fail . Therefore, it needs to be updated and kept clean.

4, the protective ground wire is checked . Protective grounding wire is an important measure to protect personal safety, so Class Ⅰ appliances (metal enclosures) should always check that their enclosures are well grounded.

Each of the safety precautions for the use of electric drills needs attention. Only by knowing how to use it safely can we ensure that the staff can make efficient work performance under the premise of safety. Therefore, please be sure to keep in mind the safety precautions in the use of electric drills.


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