What are the differences between electric drills and hammers?Posted by On 2019-11-27

In daily home improvement, hardware power tools are often used. Many of these tools have similar names and the same principle, but tools with different uses, such as the difference between electric drills and electric hammers, although there is only a word difference between them, they have different uses and methods of use. Now, let us understand the difference between electric drill and electric hammer.

Before understanding the differences between electric drills and hammers, we should first understand the conceptual differences between the two. Among them, electric drills are conventional products in electric tools, and the demand is relatively large. As a drilling tool, electric drills use electricity as the power source, and they only rotate in a circular motion. They are more suitable for thinner materials such as wood and ceramic tiles, which require high precision.

And it is a hammer drill, drill can be said to be an upgraded version, in addition to the outer circumference of the rotary motion drill, also joined the linear reciprocating movement, as we use the hammer percussion objects, like , hence the name Hammer . More suitable for concrete, floor, brick and stone materials. There are also multi-functional electric hammers on the market, which can be adjusted to appropriate positions and equipped with suitable drills, which can be used instead of ordinary electric drills and electric picks.

It can be seen from the difference in concept that both the electric drill and the electric hammer have one thing in common, that is, they have the action of circular rotation, and both rely on this action to perform the main work task. The differences between the two are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. In terms of volume: relatively speaking, the volume of the electric hammer is a bit larger, because it has a lot more accessories than electric drills, such as cylinders, pistons, connecting rods, etc.

2. In terms of component: The weight of the electric hammer is larger than that of the electric drill, which has a strong impact force. Therefore, you can drill hard materials such as concrete and stone .

3. On openings : Electric drills use human pressure to open holes from 6 to 50mm in metal and wood , with small vibration and high accuracy of openings; while electric hammers use piston motion to compress the gas into the drill bit. It can make holes of 6-100mm in hard materials such as concrete, brick, stone, etc. , with high efficiency . However, it was not openings in the metal.
4. Different drills used: The drills used in electric drills are ordinary cutting drills, while the drills used in electric hammers are drills inlaid with alloys.

5. In terms of destruction strength: the electric hammer’s breaking speed is much larger, with high efficiency, large hole diameter and long drilling depth .

From this, it can be seen that in the difference between an electric drill and an electric hammer, the electric drill is the foundation, and on this basis, the electric hammer will play its role. Electric drills are aimed at relatively thin materials, but electric hammers are used in a wider range because of their greater strength. Therefore, different tools have different functions. Starting from the needs, choosing the right tool can achieve the effect of more with less.


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