How to use electric drill? What are the precautions for the proper use of electric drills?Posted by On 2019-11-27

As a hand-held power tool, electric drills have the advantages of small size, light weight, easy to carry, and safe and reliable use. They are widely used in the drilling of metal or non-metal parts in construction, wood processing, bridge construction, machinery assembly and other departments. operation. So, how to use an electric drill? We all know that it is important to use electric drills correctly, so how to use electric drills correctly?

Before using the electric drill, you need to install the drill first. If the drill bit is not installed or installed incorrectly, it is easy to be dangerous in use. So this step is very important. How to install a drill? First, power off the drill. Then, try to put on gloves, hold the electric drill with one hand, and pinch the hoist mouth of the electric drill with the other hand, and turn it hard to reveal the hole where the drill is installed. If there is a ring of teeth in the front section of the electric drill, a special key is needed to determine the installation hole position.

Next, hold the drill bit to be installed and place it on the exposed hole on the front of the electric drill. Turn the clockwise and hold the drill bit, and adjust the depth of the main drill bit into the hole position at any time until it is tightened and locked. Finally, connect the power supply, and after idling for 2 seconds, confirm whether the drill is installed firmly. In fact, the installation methods of many electric drill bits are similar, and can be installed according to the instructions in the manual.

Before using, you need to fully understand the functions of some other accessories of the electric drill. For example, on the body of the electric drill, you can select the drilling direction. The button arrow is forward, that is, clockwise, and the button arrow is reverse, that is, counterclockwise. The turning circle of the fuselage head can adjust the torque of the electric drill, and the torque can control the power of the drill. The larger the number on the turning torque, the greater the power of the electric drill when it rotates. The drilling speed can be adjusted at the top of the fuselage. The force of pulling the trigger can be used to adjust the speed of electric drill rotation. A spare drill bit can be placed in front of the drill base and so on.

In addition, in the types of electric drills, there are hand-held electric drills, impact drills and wired electric drills. Among them, the impact drill is relatively strong, and the drill bit is designed with a slot. In use, do not fix it after rotating. Wired drills are relatively powerful and are mostly used for larger projects.

After mastering the functions of the electric drill and installing the drill bit, as long as the electric drill is powered on, it can be used. Generally, when the electric drill is in use, it is only necessary to hold the electric drill, fix the object to be punched, and pull the electric drill trigger. However, in actual operation, there are still some things to pay attention to, which are related to personal safety and work efficiency.

The first is to do personal protection before use. Especially when face-up is required, wear a protective mask and protective glasses. If you are working at height, you must also take measures to fall. Secondly, when using, try to hold your hands tightly and try not to use one hand. In addition, the drilling intensity should be moderate, and the drilling intensity should not be too large or too fierce, so as to prevent the drill from flying out and hurting people.

In use, if you find that the spark is too large, the electric drill is overheating, etc., you must stop and check it to see if there is any dirt to be removed or the brush is worn and needs to be replaced. After use, remember to maintain and check. If you find that the drill bit is dull or bent, you need to replace it with a new one, or you find that the fastening screw of the drill body is loose, and you need to re- tighten it in time .

In this way, we can make better use of electric drills for operations. In fact, after understanding how to use electric drills, you will find that the use of electric drills is quite simple. However, only when the correct use method is used in the use of electric drills can we ensure the safety during operation, and also make the electric drills usable and play their proper role. Therefore, when using a power drill, please be sure to use it properly and pay attention to safety.


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